toying with relaunching this doomed venture – or at very least getting rid of the stock here

we’ll see.

i’ve streamlined the stock page: i.e. i’ve got rid of the pictures. discogs will supply these visual needs for thee.

come back later.

something may have changed.



new behemoths loom into view…

some new tapes from deadline up: an innocent young throat-cutter/vomir split, messes noires tape, [UNTITLED] tape and a restock of the crash at any speed/lungwash tape!

and from breaching static, a wealth of bleakness: a boar tape, several boar cds (including a split with the supreme mass graves!) and a cdr from female pedophile…

some of the breaching static cds arrived damaged (read: some cracked cases). since these are in plastic bags, rather than replacing them, i’ll offer a discount on shipping.




new stock from turmeric magnitudes and every contact leaves a trace…

some great new items in:

four tapes of carefully constructed sounds from turmeric magnitudes, from drone through to harsh cut-ups… including work from nascitari and julien ink runs recordings too

four cdrs of great work from new label every contact leaves a trace. all four are recommended, but hnw-heads (is that a thing?) who are prepared to take a risk (gasp) will find particular interest in the cooke and lash/montgomery releases.

another seth cooke recording, sightseer, on the renowned organised music from thessaloniki; again, recommended

and last but not least, a pocket sized lump of skree from high five and the nikkei six…


the turmeric magnitude releases all have a similar aesthetic to them, which is great – i’ve always loved labels with a strong visual identity. which can also be said of the every contact… releases – intricate handmade packaging that has to be seen to be believed….

quiet times

work has nullified me of recent, but things are now back to “normal”; so i’ll be searching out some more releases…

secondhand/trade copy section

i’ve added a section under the distro for secondhand/trade copies

these will be items from my personal collection, some secondhand, some acquired through trades. i’ll be adding to this as i go, with a few gems to be found.


i’m happy to ship anywhere in the world, no problem

i mentioned the uk/europe (re: US postage) purely because that was the precise issue that sparked ideas of a distro.

obviously US folks should find it easier to order direct from US labels, but all and sundry are welcome in this house.



the initial stock…

i will be cautious, initially, with stock; we’ll see how things develop and how much interest there is.

however, i’m very chuffed with the starting selection. some unmissable gems from AOW and deadline/h series/dead audio tapes; and due to being in the right place at the right time, i also secured some new tapes (BSBC and burial ground) from worthless that are already sold out at source!

so dig in.

the site is an ongoing project, which will be added to and improved as time goes on.